A Customer-first Virtual Platform Solution

Built by event professionals, for event professionals, Kujenga is your virtual event platform (VEP) partner. We don't just provide an off-the-shelf, one size fits all product. We get to know your brand, your needs and your aspirations and are with you every step of the way on the road to success. In short, we are here to transform and future proof your business.

We can provide the VEP for a one-off or event series licence, or for a ‘365 service’ your package can include event marketing, event consultancy, website development and a housing platform for your virtual events and/or membership service.

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With digitisation in our DNA, significant experience in delivering digital and hybrid events, and a series of membership platforms in constant use, Kujenga is the perfect partner for your online presence.

Kujenga Virtual Event Platform

Looking at the virtual event platforms out on the market, we struggled to find one that combined great content execution, interactivity, and a user-friendly networking experience. So we built our own!


Kujenga 365

In the wake of 2020, many businesses are looking to future-proof themselves, seeking a more consistent revenue stream. Memberships are a smart and consistent way of avoiding the insecurity of one off-payments and market trends. Kujenga have worked with multiple clients to produce unique, member-led platforms that feature content libraries, online networking communities, event calendars, exclusive content and much more.

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Kujenga Partnership

Customer service is the cornerstone of our work. We strongly believe in building collaborative and innovative partnerships in a friendly and personable manner. We’ve been through the process of building and delivering our own events and membership platforms ourselves so we’ve put our money where our mouth is! Don’t just take our word for it, click below to see what our partners have to say.

Hear from our partners

We pride ourselves on approaching everything with high quality but also ensuring we add a friendly and more personable touch to our work.

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Our in-house development team has built a virtual event platform like no other that focuses on 3 main aspects:

  • Privacy and security
  • High quality online content (available on some of the most complex systems)
  • True networking experience with private meeting rooms for 1 to 1 or 1 to many conversations

“The Kujenga platform is simply the best virtual event platform in the market in terms of quality, ease of use, reliability and flexibility. VEP’s innovative infrastructure and intuitive design enabled us to seamlessly deliver a state-of-the-art, 10-day virtual global event across multiple time zones. VEP’s enhanced delegate networking system facilitates the crucial business development component of an event, allowing attendees to effortlessly connect via video call or 1:1 messaging. Customer support is second to none. The Kujenga team worked hand in hand with our company to ensure delivery to deadline and to budget of a virtual event platform, which exceeded our expectations.”

“Really appreciate the Kujenga guidance in preparing and helping us deliver our insights on a business relevant platform”

“We’ve all been impressed with the virtual conferences – both the website / virtual hosting site and the content. We really loved the proximity of the panel sessions when done with visual.”

“Very exciting platform for the conference! Kujenga, thank you for this amazing opportunity to have such an event during this challenging time.”

Personal Kujenga approach

We are a small company that approaches everything with real pride, that’s why we have a dedicated person focusing on our virtual event partnerships.

Gary has extensive knowledge of events, and a deeper level of experience in virtual events than many in the industry.

By partnering with us you will enjoy working with a friendly and motivated person who will ensure your virtual event is the best you ever ran!

Gary Coates
Senior Operations manager | VEP Business Development
+44(0) 203 735 5897